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Virginia Beach VA Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are made for safe usage by individuals of all ages and may have joint or mobility issues. 

Unlike traditional showers which have steep and potentially hazardous barriers, walk-in models can be accessed easily by people using wheelchairs or walkers. 

In addition, this type of model is also in demand by households with pets and young kids because they’re comfortable and convenient. If you’re thinking about walk-in shower installation in Virginia Beach VA, there’s no better choice than 24-Hour Tubs & Showers. 

We’ve been dedicated to providing high-end products, attentive service, and stellar design work since our company was founded in 2020. You can trust our specialists to complete a walk-in shower installation that balances pragmatism and visual appeal. 

That’s why we suggest that you navigate over to our online gallery page to view examples of our past projects. You can also feel free to get a complimentary consultation so you can discuss your design. Contact us at 757-876-9723 to begin.

Advantages of Installing a Walk-in Shower in Virginia Beach VA

Walk-in showers are distinct from traditional models because they lack steep ledges and doors. 

These changes make them comfortable and safe; on top of that, they give the space a more open appearance. 

Prefabricated units are built with a slight channel to prevent leaks; however, custom walk-ins can be modified to have a slight incline instead of a groove. The latter option is ideal for homeowners with joint injuries or mobility issues. 

Custom Walk-in Showers

Here at 24-Hour Tubs & Showers, we carry out every walk-in shower remodel in Virginia Beach VA with a personalized approach. 

Our primary goal is to make sure your new shower is suited to your physical needs while pairing with your bathroom’s visual style. That’s why we provide a wide range of designs and materials for personalizing a new walk-in shower. 

Here are just a few of the many aspects you can choose for your walk-in shower installation in Virginia Beach VA:

Choose the shape, material, and color: 

You have your choice from a wide array of materials and colors for your new walk-in shower. From classic subway tile to satiny acrylic and beautiful stone, the options are unlimited.

Include walls or doors: 

Your new walk-in shower doesn’t have to have an open-format design. Instead, lots of homeowners opt for features like partial walls, textile curtains, and glass shower doors. These features can provide a little more privacy to the space and keep water droplets inside the showering area.

Think about additional features

Add-ons can boost your comfort level as well as the stability and safety of aging homeowners. Grab bars can make it easier to get in and out of the shower by providing people with something to grip. We can also install benches and seating so individuals can recline comfortably during the shower. 

Walk-in Shower Installation in Virginia Beach VA

Whenever you’d like to install a walk-in shower in Virginia Beach VA, 24-Hour Tubs & Showers will be ready. Our design crew will assist you in picking out the perfect materials and features for your upgraded bathroom. 

We’re also committed to adhering to your budget and timeframe to offer a truly seamless shower remodeling experience. 

When the time comes to get your complimentary consultation and price quote, simply contact us via the contact form on our website or call the office at 757-876-9723. 

We’re pleased you’re partnering with 24-Hour Tubs & Showers for walk-in shower remodeling in Greater Tidewater!

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24-Hour Tubs & Showers will never sell or share your personal information. The information provided will be used solely for direct communication related to your project. 

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