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We offer in-person and virtual consultations.

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Sale Ends Soon! 07-01-2024

Tub or Shower

We offer in-person and virtual consultations.

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All of our offers provide the most protection in the industry. From the purchase price to the installation process, our warranties and guarantees help eliminate the risk factors typically found in the home improvement industry. Unlike our competitors, we will provide the same or better product and installation quality for less money! 


Hi, my name is Karen Schipula. After many years as an Executive in Fortune Five-Hundred Companies, I decided to start 24-Hour Tubs and Showers. It is through my husband that I heard about the high prices and lack of quality currently driving the industry. The extravagant pricing the industry is offering along with the appalling frequency of the increases causes a sense of distrust between customer and contractor. Not to mention the waning quality across the home improvement industry due to unlicensed and uninsured contractors.

It is then that I decided to go into business for myself. My experience, in industries that catered to women, gave me a keen insight into consumer needs, wants, and desires. Mostly purchased by men, the Home Improvement Industry lacks one important attribute that keeps women from taking on home improvement projects for themselves. That attribute is TRUST.

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Ready to get your dream bath or shower replacement started for your Newport News home?  Then call the team at 24-Hour Tubs & Showers and get your project started today!  We provide superior tub & shower replacement services that are coupled with affordable pricing.  This is why we are Greater Tidewater’s #1 source for bathtub and shower installations! Call today for a bath, shower, walk-in bathtub, or tub to shower conversion!

24-Hour Tubs & Showers is a woman-owned business and we proudly support women in our community. 

customizable & unique to you


Are you in the process of designing your perfect bathroom oasis? Look no further than our online bathroom builder! With our easy-to-use tool, you can customize every aspect of your tub and shower to ensure it fits seamlessly with the rest of your space. Whether you prefer a luxurious soaking tub or a convenient shower with all the bells and whistles, our builder has got you covered. Plus, you can preview your design in 3D, allowing you to visualize your dream bathroom in stunning detail before you commit to anything. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter bathroom – personalize yours to your exact specifications with our online bathroom builder. Start designing today!

About 24-Hour Tubs & Showers

AfforDable Tub & Shower Replacements Combined with Quality!

24-Hour Tubs & Showers is a leading provider of high-quality walk-in bathtubs, walk-in showers, and tub-shower conversions. 24-Hour Tubs & Showers is your local specialist for a quick and functional bathroom makeover. For years, we’ve been providing bathtub and tub-shower conversions to customers. Our family-owned and run company is centered on assisting clients in enjoying the comforts of their own homes. To make your bathroom makeover safe and elegant, we work with a variety of adaption and conversion solutions. Get a FREE in-home estimate from 24-Hour Tubs & Showers now!


Our Products vs. Tiles

How our liners and surrounds measure up to traditional tiles.

Our Products vs. Cheap Acrylic

How our tubs and shower products compare to cheaper acrylic.

Our Products vs. Tub Glazing

How our tub replacement process compares to reglazing or refinishing.

Our Products vs. Plastic Liners

How our materials measure up to plastic tub liners.

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24-Hour Tubs & Showers is your source for quality one-day baths along with the professionals who can make it happen!  Check out our blog for insight, the latest news, and general information to help you learn more about one-day bath installations & more.


Sale Ends Soon 07-01-2024

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How Can We Do This?​

We Chose the Right Product

To set up this type of business, a product that meets a higher-than-normal quality standard is needed. A better-quality product simplifies the installation process which equates to fewer after-install service calls and warranty claims.

We Provide an Affordable Price

Simply stated, we run our business as a wholesaler instead of a retailer. This eliminates the advertising, marketing, sales, and overhead costs to support those departments. In most cases, this equates to 45% to 55% off most retail products.

We Eliminate Costly Overhead

Our main location is on the internet. This eliminates costly showroom overhead while increasing our company's reach. Once you choose us, we will come out and provide a to-the-penny price to make your decision simple.

We Have Developed a Simple Process

Our process is simple. Once you decide that 24-Hour Tubs & Showers seems like a good fit, call us or send in your contact information and one of our specialists will be in contact with you. They are highly qualified to measure your wet area, answer all your questions, help design, select products, and set up your purchase order on the same day.

We Hire Qualified Individuals

We hire only qualified individuals who have experience within the bath and shower community and comply with our professional personnel standards. Additionally, we train and promote from within reinforcing our company processes and quality.

We Eliminate Costly Promotions

We focus on eliminating unnecessary promotional costs such as marketing, advertising, and sales promotions. By eliminating these costs, we effectively decrease the product cost by 45% to 55%.

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